Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 4

Clive Davis explains why it has to be Davis. Writing in the Washington Times he describes DD as:

'...a straight-talking self-made man who has already emerged at the head of the pack. I like Mr Davis. He is aggressive but not bombastic, thoughtful but not cerebral, and unlike most of his colleagues he seems to have had a life. A former businessman, he used to be a member of the army reserve version of the SAS, Britain's equivalent of the Green Berets. (This meant, as one wag has put it, that "he learned how to strangle people with piano wire, but only at weekends.") '

Of the other contenders, he reckons most are:

'...what Arnold Schwarzenegger, if he was being polite, would call persons of indeterminate gender... too many of them exude the aura of smooth but ineffectual chaps who have inherited their daddy's business.'

Assuming Clive is not DD's son, he clearly goes on our list.


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