Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 3

Two more to add.

Top-rated blogger Iain Dale says:

'It won't surprise you to know that I shall be backing David Davis. His vision of modern Conservativism is one I believe will not only be attractive within the Party but outside too. He's the only one of the candidates who I believe can reach out beyond the Party and attract Labour & LibDem voters.'

That blog has attracted a string of comments, most pro-Davis:

'Davis, as Conservative Leader, would be the first, in a long time, to actually look like a potential Prime Minister....the modern electorate goes on gut instinct and, if you were to stand Fox and Davis side by side, it wouldn't take the brains of the Archbishop to spot the man with Number 10 written all over him.' (Yes, I wasn't sure about the Archbishop reference either...)

'DD will wipe the floor with Fox.'

'Who is there, really, other than David Davis, who could legitimately take over? If there were a strong contender - any contender - then debate and trawling would make sense, but what's the point in all the runners up thrashing it out for no reason other than petty point scoring?'

And Peter Briffa at Public Interest says:

'If the Tories choose anyone other than David Davis, then they are madder than even I imagine. He is seriously right-wing, eurosceptic, cuddly and human, yet has the ability to kill people with one little finger. There aren't many of us around. Moreover, he's got the likes of Iain Dale, Ian Taylor, and Ken Clarke in the bag too. That's no mean feat. Also, he oozes ambition. No point in picking a wallflower.'

(Thanks to Bishop Hill for locating these.)


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