Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 12

Jonathan Sheppard was the (unlucky this time) PPC for Bassetlaw who says:

'According to David James, "If the Conservatives can identify a better candidate than DD then they will be rich in resources indeed." The blogger tends to agree.'

A bit bashful maybe, but accompanied by a splendid photo of JS with DD.

He joins Bloggers for DD.

Elsewhere, Albion Blogger says:

'The main reason I want Party members to be able to vote in the Conservative Party’s leadership election is entirely selfish: we’ll vote for Davis, the Parliamentary Party will probably vote for whoever his left-wing opponent happens to be.

The crux of their argument against the Members making the choice is this: the membership is not representative of the population at large, unable to determine the correct qualities in a leader and ‘extreme’ in their views. (But we’re okay to trudge the streets in all weathers to canvas for the local Party hopeful).'

How can you argue with that?

But enough of we limp-wristed Brits. Robust colonial Blithering Bunny demands Howard's immediate departure:

'You’re a lame duck. Get out.

The Conservatives need to sort out a new leader now, because Labour isn’t stopping to wait until the Tories are ready before they try to push through all their crappy proposed legislation. (And there’s a possible referendum to be fought next year.)

GO NOW! Rules can be changed later. I’ll even help you write the letter.'



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