Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 11

Albion Blogger says:

'Davis seems to utter those forbidden conservative ideas that I only read about now in blogs or dusty political ideology books.

Freedom? Deregulation? Low-tax? Character? Listening to David Davis speak reminds us how far the Conservative Party has sunk. They don't mention any of this stuff and yet it's fundamental to conservative thinking.

And yet... 'His conservatism is working against him in the Conservative Party. Witness Michael Howard's attempts to sideline him by promoting 'modernisers' and change the rules so that the Party's members - who would back Davis without a second thought - get no say.'

Elsewhere, the bracing David Vance says:

'Everything I have read since my initial post emphasises my conclusion that Davis is indeed the guy to turn Conservative fortunes around to win the NEXT Election.

If we look down the electoral road a few years...the opportunity will never be greater for a charismatic Conservative to articulate clear conservative principles - liberty, freedom, choice, responsibility, Law and Order. These are the areas in which populist appeal can be built up.

We will never get ANYWHERE if the Conservatives swing to a so-called "Centrist" like hushpuppy Ken Clarke - that is media code for a gutless liberal. We need right-wing values put in place in this country if we are to ever lift our nation out of the sewer that Blair has plunged it into. This can be achieved with a Leader who has vision, determination, charisma and a steely-edge.

Davis should get the job on these criteria - and petty jealousies within the Parliamentary Party should not be allowed to cloud judgement.'


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