Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 10

The ever-dependable Blimpish is still on his hols, but I knew if I looked hard enough I'd find him speaking up for DD. And here he is commenting on Blunkett's resignation last December:

'Well done to David Davis for getting the scalp. Can I suggest we ignore the general election and start his leadership campaign? He seems to be about the only shadow cabinet member with the killer instinct together with some traces of competence.'

Wise words indeed, although I might have egged up the last bit a tad.

Commenting on the same post, Andrew Nontrivialsolutions noted: 'We need someone with balls. Davis has them in spades.'

Any man with spades full of balls is a man to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile the B Bunny slaps me on the wrist for being...well, limp-wristed:

'For an example of how limp-wristed British politics is, consider the otherwise admirable David Davis for Leader blog:

"The aim is for this blog to be positive about DD rather than negative about the other runners."

Yes, well, I certainly wrote that, so fair comment, maybe.

Fortunately, being from the colonies, BB has absolutely no difficulties in the limpness department, and passes on a couple of Lady Thatcher's barbs about DD's rivals. Rifkind's ' judgement was erratic and his behaviour unpredictable'; and Ken 'was a firm believer in state provision'. Not to mention K's late nights at various jazz clubs.

Finally, The Man on the Grassy Knoll- Oliver McCarthy- says:

'David Davis probably won't be brilliant, and may well suffer from the same fundamental problems as IDS. (I.e. the fairies at Smith Square will be trying to destroy him from the word go -- in fact they've almost certainly started already.)'

Which doesn't sound altogether positive, until you rescale it to adjust for his comments on all the alternatives:

'Fundamentally the problem with [Cameron and Osborne] is that they embody the culture of greed and selfishness that has alienated people from the Tories since the fall of Mrs. T.

Pompous old buffoons like Kenneth Heseltine and Michael Clarke are just as bad as pompous "young" buffoons like Andrew Duncan and Alan Lansley.'

And what he says about Rifkind I'm too limp-wristed to repeat.

So on that basis, and because he tells us he prefers DD to Notting Hill, TMOTGK is rescaled to a Blogger for Davis.

PS Don't quite understand what he means by 'fairies at Smith Square'- I thought they'd decamped, as it were, to Mollbank.



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