Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 1

If DD was standing for leadership in the Blogosphere, he'd have it in the bag.

The ever-dependable Blithering Bunny says:

'Clearly David Davis is the man for the Tories now, only the centrist power-brokers don’t want another man of the people. (That’s why they’re trying to change the rules.) But unlike IDS, his military background will help him.

The main problem for IDS — let’s be honest about this — was that he came over as a retired colonel from 1962. Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, and I saw nothing wrong with his policies, but clearly there are a large amount of people these days who won’t vote for anyone who is seen as a golf-club man. They saw voting for IDS as like voting for Major Charles Ingram.

But the SAS is much more glamorous. SAS members don’t drive Rovers and drink gin and tonics. As long as it doesn’t turn out that Davis has a habit of challenging people in bars, saying “I can kill people. That’s what I’m trained to do”, he’ll have an edge to him, which will help the Tories win the anti-politician vote (identified in this excellent Telegraph piece). (The left hate the SAS, of course, but it’s not the left whose votes are needed).'

Bishop Hill comments:

'It has to be Davis. Cameron and Obsborne are clearly too young and inexperienced (and come over as toffs), Rifkind and Clarke will remind people of the Thatcher years, and will come over as tired relics.

Davis, the council house boy, has a good story to tell, and he looks like leadership material. He’s said to be unpopular in many parts of the party - he’s seen as a bit of an “oik”. This is all to the good.

Too right wing? Depends what you mean. I keep reading that he has libertarian instincts, and it’s the Conservatives social, well, conservatism which has told against them. I must say though I have yet to hear him say anything which struck me as particularly libertarian.'

The Bishop muses further here.


Blogger Bishop Hill said...

I've come across a couple of bloggers with other ideas:

Politicalog goes for Alan Duncan here

And The Poosh thinks that our man is...Nicholas Soames!

I assume he's joking and he's actually of sound mind. His blog is subtitled "If Rifkind gets the leadership – I swear I’ll go Veritas"

11:59 AM  
Blogger Poosh said...

I don't think Nicholas Soames is the worst of people though I'm judging him more on Question Time than record. David Davis is the man. Of course he's the man. The red media say he's "very, very right wing" which means he's a dash more than center-right: which is what we need - BRING THE CENTER TO US. The day we pander to the center is the day we lose our souls (ahem, I know that's what just happened but let's pretend it didn't).

I'm more an Ancram man, but he is a rubbish speaker and for that he should not be leader.

But I'm still waiting for our new Thatcher/Reagan...

2:12 PM  
Blogger Poosh said...

- that was Poosh by the way

2:13 PM  

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