Monday, May 23, 2005

BBC Backs Ken- But this is Ridiculous

We all know the BBC is backing Ken , but this morning their backing moved up a gear.

You will be aware that the state broadcaster is staging a 1970s retro day today, complete with Red Robbo style journalist strike. So news programmes are heavily curtailed, replaced with various lame repeats.

According to our informant, R4's Today was replaced by...yes, you guessed it- Ken Clarke's self-promotional jazz programme.

Our informant was ecstatic, exclaiming:

'I almost always support striking workers and if this is the sort of substitute programming we can expect, more power to the unions, I say.'

A measure of Ken's support in the country? Well, the informant was a certain Bob Piper, who sounds like a thoroughly decent chap (sorry B Bunny), but who is a Labour Councillor in Sandwell.

And that's it really; Ken's probably the best leader New Labour never had.

Postscript It occurs to me that the inestimable C Berry made some extremely helpful comments about the current leadership contest half a century ago. For was it not Mr Berry who said:

'I've got no kick against modern jazz,
Unless they try to play it too darn fast;
And change the beauty of the melody,
Until they sound just like a symphony.

That's why I go for that Rock And Roll Music,
Any old way you choose it;
It's got a back beat, you can't lose it,
Any old time you use it.
It's gotta be Rock And Roll Music,
If you want to dance with me,
If you want to dance with me.'

Mods and rockers? I'm sure you don't need me to spell it out for you.

We need to break free of symphonic mush.

A backbeat, you can't lose it.


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