Monday, May 23, 2005

Anointed By On High

It seems that the Conservative Party is considering a third option, as an alternative to votes by party members or MPs.
The new Conservative leader could emerge without a formal vote by MPs or constituency chairmen under a controversial "leader by acclamation" plan to be debated by party bosses today.
Perhaps the MPs will gather at party headquarters and we will wait to see the colour of the smoke.?
The plan involves appointing a leader as soon as he or she has been nominated by more than half of the 197-strong parliamentary party.
After which the leader will change his name to Winston the Second or William the Sixteenth or something.

Meanwhile, in an effort to raise awareness of his credentials, Our Man shared his thoughts on a BBC interview over the weekend.
The shadow home secretary said he would wait until the "last possible minute" before announcing whether he would be a candidate. But he used an interview on the Breakfast with Frost programme on BBC1 to set out a Right-wing, low-tax, Eurosceptic platform that would re-establish Tory core principles.
The BBC has now decided to use all their muscle to oppose this dangerous man and will instead pretend that Mr Ken Clarke, lover of rule by Foreign Princes, is the true representative of Conservative values.

We meanwhile rather like the idea of a Conservative Party leader who is right wing, Eurosceptic and does not think the State has a God given right to the lions share of our income.



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