Thursday, May 26, 2005

All Low Tax Tories Now

One of the refreshing things about DD is how he keeps outing himself as a Low Tax Tory.

Well, now others have plucked up courage to do it. This morning George Osborne tells the FT:

"I'm a low-tax Tory is what I am."

Yes I know it sounds a bit like "I is what I is, and I am what I am, I'm-Popeye-the-Sailor-Man", but at least he says it- even to the staunchly pro-Labour FT (the pinko statists at the Pink-'Un have been solid Labour backers for fifteen years).

"I'm an economic and social liberal and a eurosceptic. I've talked about a low tax economy. I am a great believer in our alliance with the United States. Some people would characterise that as rightwing. But I also happen to believe the Conservative party needs to be much more diverse in its representation."

Yes, well, I'll go with that.

So will you support DD, George?

"David Davis has many strengths . . . If he's a candidate for the leadership I'll look at what he has to offer."

Hmm...still thinking about your chum the other David, huh?

"He would be excellent if he chose to run for leader. Obviously he's a great friend and if he ran I almost certainly would back him."

Look, guys, no disrespect, but you're both pretty wet behind the ears, and this politics biz- it's quite rough you know. Yesterday's tense little outing against Gordo was nothing compared to the problems the new leader will have managing his colleagues.

No. You both need time to mature. You both need the leadership of some broken-nosed bruiser who can hold the roof up over you when the ground starts shaking.

In ten years time...then...then you'll be ready.

And I'm afraid that's just the way it is.


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